August 2, 2011

Baby G's Home Birth

I was honored when I was asked to take pictures at this birth. I had originally said no because I have a new baby myself, but I decided to give it a try. There was a back up photographer just in case I didn't think it would work out. Obviously it worked out for me to be there and I'm so glad it did! I was at the Royals game that evening with my husband and baby. It was SO hot we decided to leave early. As we were walking out I remembered I hadn't checked my phone that evening (the next day was Amanda's due date), and sure enough about 20 minutes earlier I had received a text saying something was happening :) I ended up getting to the house a little after midnight (right around when her midwife and doula got there) and the baby was born at 12:47. My little boy was so good, he slept in their crib the whole time, waking up right before my husband got there to pick us up! It couldn't have gone better! But the real rock star was Amanda! She worked hard, working with her God given contractions to push her baby out quickly, smoothly and easily (I don't know if she would describe it that way or not lol). She did fantastic. I admire her for all her hard work (and baby too!) and for having the courage to do it like she did.

I had photographed one home birth before this and it was incredible as well. But at this one because of the set up, the lighting, the position the mom was in while pushing, and where I was... what I saw literally brought tears to my eyes. I've had two babies (and that brought tears to my eyes for other reasons lol), but I couldn't see it of course like I saw this. Amazing, just AMAZING!

Home births are incredible. It is birth the way it is meant to be. So powerful. So, so.... I can't even find the words to describe it. It is so relaxed and comforting. Water. Dim lights. The safety and security of your own home. The freedom to move, eat and drink. No noises or strangers going in and out. No one/nothing constraining you to a bed. No one forcing you on their schedule instead of your baby's. No tubes, needles, machines, etc. No one taking your baby from you. And no crazy drama stories. I have found from my own home birth, the two I have seen and others' stories that they are all mostly pretty similar. Natural birth is oh so hard, but oh so much more REWARDING!

I have to note that they are using a tape measure to measure the length of the baby because they couldn't find what is normally used. But considering the dad is a handyman and big brother had his pictures taken every month in a Tonka truck when he was a baby... I think it was very appropriate. :) And that hair, oh that hair, I just love when babies have a lot of hair. And yes, big brother was woken up in the middle of the night (around 2 something I think...) and he did great.

No matter where or how you have your baby or who you choose to photograph it, I highly recommend you have your birth photographed!


  1. Katherine RobertsAugust 2, 2011 at 9:16 PM

    What a wonderful experience to be a part of and have documented. Beautiful!!!!!

  2. Ooh! You make me want to hire a photographer for my next birth! You do such amazing work. :)

  3. It was wonderful Katherine!

    Debra, do it if you can! I wish I would have. I'm totally going to make it happen next time! Thanks!

  4. Love reading the birth from your perspective. I can't believe there were that many pics. You blended right in to the surroundings. I think it was awesome having you there instead of a stranger :)