December 19, 2011


I got so busy with other people's pictures that unfortunately these got put on the shelf for a while. I've finally gotten around to them though and WOW I love them!!! I decided (as best as I can) for my kids yearly pictures I want them to be about them and what they love/like to do. At 1 that's a little hard, though those are fun to make really cute and playful (and do a cake smash of course!). So for my little girls two year pictures I knew exactly what we would do. She loves painting, drawing, coloring and making crafts. She's my little artist! She was so focused during these, as you will see. We just let her go and do what she wanted....painting with her hands, getting it all over herself....didn't matter, this session was about her and her personality.

And again, these are the kind of pictures I would like to do more of (I won't JUST do this, but want to do more of this). So if you want unique and creative yearly pictures of your kids that show their personalities and hobbies, I'm the girl to call. :)

December 15, 2011

The Lanter Family

This family made my job so easy, they were all so wonderful. And the pictures of the girls are some of my favorites. We met a cat while we were there and I almost didn't think they would be able to leave without it... :)