July 20, 2011

Triplets | Week 6

This is every photographers dream... well, it was for me anyway! How many of us get the chance to photograph triplets?? That's not an opportunity that comes around often. What an absolute miracle these two little girls and one boy are. I'm amazed at how long their mom was able to carry them (33 weeks!), how little time they spent in the NICU and how well/fast they are gaining weight. I just look at them and say "Way to go God!" :)

I wasn't sure what to expect while doing a newborn shoot with triplets. One can be hard enough at times so I decided to focus on a few simple set ups and the details instead of using tons of props/hats and doing really challenging poses (and maybe getting one to work). A newborn shoot usually takes 2-3 hours. This one took around 1.5 hours if I remember right. We did them in the family's living room next to a big window that let in a lot of wonderful natural light (love!). There were times we'd get one good and sleepy in the position we wanted, then another would start crying. But I think the fact that they were all keeping each other warm and cozy helped. Brady was in the middle for all the pictures and slept the whole time, it was cracking me up! He really enjoyed being snug between his sisters. They really did wonderful! I like how laid back newborn shoots can be. The more I do the more I learn and gain confidence and I think this one was the most fun for me. My little girl (almost 2) was there and played with their older daughter (almost 3). It was also great to have my husband and younger sister there helping out. You need a lot of hands for triplets!

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