November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

Well here I am at home sick on Thanksgiving day. Even though I'm tired, feel horrible and my head is throbbing while I'm sitting here, I had to get out of bed for a bit because sometimes laying in bed all day just makes you feel worse. So I gathered the strength to get out of bed, take a shower and put on some clean clothes. Now here I am writing to about what's been on my mind in between sleeping. I spent a part of Thanksgiving day 2009 in the hospital, visiting my dad. Today, Thanksgiving day 2011 it has been exactly nine months since my dad passed away. Feels like yesterday. I've been thinking a lot about him today, more than usual. My heart is also hurting today for a girl I know (my age) who lost her mom just a few months after I lost my dad, and just a few days ago she unexpectedly lost her dad. I can't even imagine the heartache she is feeling. So today I am thankful that I had such a great dad and also that I still have my mom. I know you've heard this before, but I want to encourage you today to tell you family and friends how thankful you are for them, because you really don't know if it will be your last chance. I also want to challenge you to take lots of pictures WITH them, so one day you're not planning their funeral and finding there aren't many pictures of the two of you, or even you or them by yourselves. Step out from behind the camera and jump in front of it! When someone whips the camera in your direction don't turn your face or dart behind the nearest person. Instead, put your arm around the person closest to you and SMILE BIG!

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