November 17, 2011

Hannah | Senior 2012

I've been so blessed to photograph so many Seniors this year. As my business grows and I keep learning and figuring out what I like, I've discovered this summer and fall that I really enjoy Seniors and want it to be an area that I specialize in. I'm still figuring out the rest, but I do know I want to keep doing lot's of Seniors and improving on their pictures and what I offer. It will be weird to not be as busy shooting during these coming winter months, but I am excited to have more time to get things done on my growing list. One of those things is getting ready for next years Seniors! For 2013 Seniors I will be offering a lot more than just a disc of pictures... prints, announcements, albums... all kinds of fun stuff! I'm also hoping to have all my Senior Reps chosen soon. If you are interested in being a 2013 Senior Rep email me at

Now check out Hannah's gorgeous pictures! :D

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