October 10, 2011

10 on 10

I've decided to start a new project called "10 on 10".  On the 10th day of every month I'll blog 10 pictures taken over the course of the day. I've seen several other photographers doing it and I think it's a great idea!

I don't just want to capture the "big" moments in life, the outings and events, but the little things that happen in every day life. These are things that are truly important to me. Like every single morning when Elise wakes up and I bring her into our bedroom and the three of us lay/play on the bed for a while, rainy dreary days, Elise sitting on the coffee table which she's not supposed to be doing, the fun we have singing "The Hokey Pokey"... etc, etc, etc...

Motherhood is definitely not the easiest job. I would really like to just get a full nights sleep. I want to take a shower in peace, with the door closed, and not be rushed. I would like to fit into my favorite jeans again. I want to eat a meal without having to get a up a hundred times. To go to the store without the smell of spit up on me. But when I look at these pictures, none of that really matters. Photography in a way helps me be content. It gives me a different perspective. Motherhood is the most rewarding job.

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  1. I want a book with all these memories in it. Great shots, Anna.